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Choose the free version or professional, you can change at any time.

Version Free

The Professional Version





Free plan forever

Monthly payment to € 29,99

Using the free plan to create web sites for amateur or temporary, you can also use it to create your first web site to activate the professional subscription

The ideal solution to create your professional website stylish with your domain and top-level poszionamento on search engines

Sottodominio .gtechgroup.it

Custom domain included to always

No mail box

5 email boxes professional 1 GB each

Band-limited at 1 Gbps , and the space 200 MB

Bandwidth and space are unlimited

No security protocol

Security protocol HTTPS

Solution Professional


year, VAT included

Assistance and support base

Service and support advanced

Some works

Web site statistics

Panel SEO Advanced

Area Riserva


Real estate


You want an operator to build your site

the cost is from € 849,00 and the first year you do not pay for subscription of € 199,00!


The exclusive advantages of the PRO version

G Tech Group is an all-in-one that includes in a single service

everything you need to create a web site.

Custom address

Choose among the many extensions .com .net, .en, etc..., the one that best suits your needs.

E-commerce powerful

Increases your sales on the web with a product catalog attractive and a management panel is simple.

5 mail da 5GB

5 mail personalizzate che forniranno maggiore professionalità alle comunicazioni con i tuoi clienti.

Backup of the site

Unlimited space

You can save a backup of the site

so you can return back in case of second thoughts.

Unlimited space

Insert all the content you want

without the limitations of space. There is no

limit to your content.


Get information about your visitors: their country of origin, the number of visits per day.

Advanced SEO

Manage all your meta tags in header and body and use the favicon in order to improve the performance of the SEO.

HTML and scripting

You know messing around with the HTML code?

You can add a feature

custom to your site.

Newsletter management

A real engine to handle

the creation of your own mail

shopping and sending.